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Tea explorer

Tea explorer


First Tea Explorer is sent out immediately upon subscription, and then at the beginning of every month. If you subscribe after the 25th of the month, your first Tea Explorer will go out at the beginning of the month.

Sometimes a whole box of tea can be intimidating if you don't drink that much tea every month or if you're overwhelmed with delicious tea options at the moment. 

You get the same feeling and excitement of discovering new teas every month, but with less commitment and more value. 

We've taken the same delicious teas we send in our Discovery, PLUS and Premium boxes and packaged them into smaller sized packs for your exploration!

Every month you'll receive:

• 5g each of 4 different loose leaf teas, enough for 12-14 cups (.7 oz of tea)

• Automatically enrolled in Members-only 10% off everything in the store. 

    • Teas arrive in sealed pouches that protect your tea from moisture and light.

    • Monthly Steeping Guide with detailed preparation instructions and more.

    • Free Shipping of your Tea Explorer subscription every month.

    • Earn discounts (up to 50% off monthly teas) with store purchases and your subscription!