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Special Edition: MTV Movie & TV Awards® Swag Bag Box

Get ready to celebrate this year's new MTV Movie & TV Awards® with our Special Edition box on May 7th. 

We're donating $10 from each box sold, as part of our yearly Steep Impact Campaign. This year, we're supporting Fair Trade USA and WWF (World Wildlife Federation). You choose which organization to support!

Drink and enjoy the exact same teas we're giving to presenters! This super special swag box is chock full of Favorites that will continue to delight your taste buds long after the awards are over. 

A bit about our teas:

Our mission is to make high quality tea accessible with easy to follow instructions, simple packaging, and educational support. We do all of the heavy lifting so all you have to do is tear open a package, follow instructions, and enjoy great sips. 

Speaking of great sips, every one of our high-quality, loose leaf teas are hand-selected, scrutinized, and tested. We prefer natural or organic teas when possible! We make every tea jump through hoops before we send it your way. 

Especially our Premium teas. We use the International Method of Cupping to test each of our Premium teas for quality and contaminants. And honestly, it's a fun process for us. 

What you get in this box is the result of hours of scrutiny, tea drinking, careful packaging, and lots of love. 

What's Inside: 

20g of Premium Tea Organic Darjeeling Dream 

10g of Premium Black Tea Darjeeling Oolong

10g of Premium White Tea Bergamot Vanilla

20g of Black Tea Premium Ceylon Supreme

10g of Fruit Tea Roasted Almond

10g of Wellness Tea Happy Day

10g of Green Tea Cherry Rosebush

10g of Black Tea Almond Praline

5g of Wellness Tea Golden Spice Delight

Bundle of natural, unbleached tea filter bags 

Special Edition Steeping Guide (printed on 100% recycled paper)

More than 3oz of teas, roughly 50-60 cups of tea! You'll get even more cups with second infusions of our Premium teas.  

The product value of this box is ___________. 

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