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Samadoyo 600ml Borosilicate Glass Teapot

This beautifully crafted teapot makes it so easy to enjoy loose leaf teas, especially ones that can take multiple infusions!

Slightly smaller than our 900ml teapot in the same style, this one is great for personal use. 

Material: Borosilicate glass (teapot), Food Grade plastic (basket), Stainless Steel (band)

Size: 600ml / 20.2 oz

We highly recommend this teapot for it's ease of use and beauty! 

Pro Tips:

- For Pu'erh loose (not cake) teas, make a big batch of pu'erh tea by doing multiple steepings one after the other! 

- For Oolong teas, do a quick hot rinse and immediately push the button. Discard the water in the lower chamber. 

- If you still want to resteep your tea, but run out of time, stick the basket in the refrigerator to enjoy tomorrow! 

- The steeping basket holds just under 8oz of water, so adjust loose leaf tea amounts accordingly. 

- Immediately rinse the basket after use. It's easiest to clean if you don't let it sit. 

- Don't wash in the dishwasher. Instead flush with boiling water.


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Love this

I love this teapot because I can easily store my tea in the fridge afterwards. This retains the heat of my water and steeps my teas very well. Fine crafted, for sure.

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