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Discoverer - Low Caffeine - 3 months

Do you enjoy low caffeine or caffeine free tea? Do you or your family drink 2-3 cups a day?

SAVE 5% by prepaying! Your subscription automatically ends after 3 months.

We have the box just right for you! We crafted this box to give you 1 larger pouch of a delicious low caffeine or caffeine free tea every month, plus 4 other teas that vary (it's what we like to call the surprise 🎉 part of your box!). We've curated and tested 1,000s of teas to bring you only the best there is to sip.  

How do we decide? First, we use the International Standard of Cupping to ensure that your teas are not contaminated, overly oxidized (important if it's a delicate white tea!), or have off-tastes. It's an extra step we've always taken. 

Second, we test the teas for ease of steeping. We make sure to provide you with easy-to-follow and specific times for each tea, so you get the best experience. Why? Because we want you to have those, aaaaah moments. 🤤

With each box, you'll get our comprehensive steeping guide, which includes water temperature recommendations to make sure you're steeping your teas at the proper temperature for each cup. We also include mug and teapot guidelines. We do the heavy lifting, so all you need to do is heat up some water and sip away! 

What's included:

  • 5 teas every month (60-96 cups)
  • 1 tea is a larger pouch of Low Caffeine or Caffeine free tea (30-48 cups) - herbal, fruit, rooibos, white, green, wellness
  • 4 other teas could be: black, green, herbal, fruit, rooibos, white, oolong, wellness. (30-48 cups total)
  • Personalized curation by our team of tea experts
  • Steeping Guide for each tea with our expert guidelines to make it easy for you!
  • Free Shipping and Free Tracking
  • Free Tea Replacements - There's no shame in not liking one of our teas! (all you have to do is send us an email, and we'll send you options for replacements. Select and we'll send in your next month's box! Don't worry about returning the teas you didn't enjoy, just share them with friends and family).






How do I give this as a gift?

Select the Gift Instantly option. You can send directly to the gift recipient via email, or choose one of the other options. After the recipient receives their gift from you, they can set their shipping address. After they do so, we will ship out their first box to them. 

How do I transfer this gift account to my recipient after purchase?

If you know your recipient's email address, please include your gift recipient's email address in the notes section of the cart. Click the purple Add Note button. 

When does my first box ship out? 

Your first box will ship out within 1-2 business days after your initial purchase, or after your gift recipient sets up their subscription with their shipping info (if selecting the gift instantly option).

Is this a recurring subscription or will it automatically end?

After the third shipment, your subscription will automatically end. You don't have to take any action.

How much tea do I get?

You receive 60-96 cups per month. Some teas can be resteeped multiple times.

How do my teas arrive?

Your teas arrive in light and heat proof sealed bags that prevent your tea from getting damaged or contaminated by other flavors in your kitchen. They are resealable!

Is your tea in teabags, or loose?

Our teas are loose leaf teas, and can be steeped in an infuser, tea basket, or teapot. Our T-Sac steeping bags are included in the first box to get you started. 

Is this a subscription, or am I purchasing one box?

Our Discoverer Black box is a subscription, and you or your recipient will receive 3 months of our boxes.

Are there any returns?

Unfortunately, we can't accept any returns. However, we do offer free Tea Replacements for subscriptions (they ship in your next box)! 

Can I cancel this subscription after the first shipment?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept cancellations on 3 or 6 month prepaid subscriptions.


Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Love their tea

I was not much of a tea drinker until I started with Field to cup. Now I love their tea. Most black flavors are my favorite, though I love fermented teas

Hi Shana, thanks so much for your kind review! We're so happy you found your happy tea place with our boxes. One of our goals is to make loose leaf tea drinking a bit simpler with our instructions, so that more people can enjoy the benefits and deliciousness it brings! We are truly honored to help you dive deeper into the world of tea! cheers, the team at Field to Cup

Loved all of the teas except the Mexican hot tea.

Hi Meagin, thanks for your review! We're always happy to offer a free tea replacement, before or after your box ships. You can request a free replacement anytime from our site, by hovering over Teas this month, and then selecting request a free replacement. Please let us know if you have any questions, just reach out to us at help@fieldtocup.com. cheers, the team at Field to Cup
Discovery box-black

I've been a subscriber to a different tea box, and this was my first from ftc. I was SO pleased with my box! Loved every tea included, and fell in love with a new tea (smoky Keemun). Definitely a customer for life!

Amé, thanks so much for your review! Wow, we're so honored you loved the experience of your first box! It makes us so happy you found a new favorite to enjoy :) cheers, the team at Field to Cup
Lovely !

Wonderful flavors. I love variety & so enjoyed trying these various tea. Good quality teas.

Perfect for Discovering New Teas

I wanted to branch out and try some different flavors. I am very pleased with the teas I got in this box. I am looking forward to my next box!

Hi Alectra, thanks so much for your review! We're so happy you're loving your tea discovery experience with us thus far. Feel free to reach out to us with tea steeping questions, or even a free Tea Replacement anytime! cheers, the team at Field to Cup

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