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Tea Journey


By now you've probably gotten to know a bit about us. Maybe what you don't know is why we started Field to Cup. 

As tea drinkers, one of our biggest frustrations is ordering tea online that we end up hiding in our cabinet hoping some day we'll love it or sadly throwing it away. 

Why does ordering tea only need to be like playing Russian Roulette, maybe you'll love it, maybe you won't? 

This is what we want to change: wasting tea we don't love and the pain of throwing away teas.

How we do it:

#1 Field to Cup offers free replacement of any tea you don't love.

Don't Love it, Don't Drink it

#2 Smaller quantities, but more teas to try.

Besides our free tea replacement program, we send you smaller quantities of high quality teas every month. This makes it easier for you to try a few kinds of tea without getting stuck with boxes and boxes of tea. 

BONUS: If you receive a tea you must have more of, we offer a 40% discount on the tea for that month. 

#3 We test each and every tea for quality using the International Method of Cupping.

Most tea companies won't tell you this, but they make the decision to buy a tea from a supplier based on brewing it once or twice at their desk. They won't tell you this because they know they should be employing the International Method of Cupping to make sure that the tea you get is fresh, delicious, and free of contaminants (other teas or herbs). 

We go an extra step past testing for quality using the International Method of Cupping, and brew each of the teas according to different tastes. We collect this data and put it into our detailed brewing guide that comes with each box.

 #4 Detailed Brewing Guide to help you make tea to your taste.

Have you ever followed the directions on how to make a tea, only to be disappointed? Most tea directions don't take into account that you might like your tea darker or lighter, or maybe you like it with milk. All of our teas are tested using the International Method of Cupping by our Cupping Team for this reason. We find out the best ways to brew the tea for different tastes, and include the detailed brewing tips every month in the box you receive from us. 

 #5 Amazing customer service to get you the answers you need and solve any hiccups.

See that little purple chat icon in the bottom right of this page? That button opens up a chat window where you can get in touch with us directly without having to send emails or give us a call. 

Think of it as a red telephone that you can use to reach us at any time for whatever reason. Even just to say hi!

Are you ready to start discovering new delicious loose leaf teas every month? Start with our Tea Disovery Box.