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Verified Customer Reviews

  • We loved trying such a good variety of teas and actually found a new one we are in love with!

    Tasha H.

    "Lots of Variety"
  • Very good quality and selection definitely worth the money. Prompt delivery and excellent customer care. I'm hooked.

    Alicia A.

  • This was my first one, but definitely not my last. I loved discovering new teas, some that I never would have on my own. I even have a new favorite!  Great curation, and customer service. I am beyond satisfied! "

    Christy N.

    "Beyond Satisfied"
  • The service far exceeded my expectations. A must have for every tea lover! Completely worth it. Great quality, clean teas.

    Alvin D.

    "A Must Have"
  • As a family, we have enjoyed selecting which tea to drink. The directions are clear, and it adds to the experience understanding that brewing tea means more than sticking a tea bag in a cup.


    "Journey into Tea is Right"

About Field to Cup

Sourcing tea from 5 continents is a full time job. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Growing tea is a labor of love. Ask the many farmers who grow the tea that ends up in your cup. For them, tea is a way of life!

Each farmer is proud of the tea they grow and passionate about making sure that their tea is experienced in the best way possible.


That's why we are so passionate about tea education and making sure that each tea not only has specific instructions for mug or tea-pot, but an in-depth steeping guide to help you get the most out of each tea.

Would you boil angel hair pasta for as long as penne pasta? We didn't think so.