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September 18 Box Reveal

Hi tea drinking fam!

For September, we're sending you our last favorites for summer as we head into cooler weather. We're celebrating the last fruits of the summer, and savoring their flavors. This is an exciting time of the year, where we begin winding down the summer and get excited for fall.

One tea we're really looking forward to sharing with you is our Black Tea Essentially Summer. It's the essence of summer, in a cup of tea! The perfect black tea with notes of citrus. It's perfect for whenever you need a reminder of what summer tastes like.

Black Tea Smooth Operator, is a really special blend of dark tea (partially fermented, but not quite pu'erh), green tea, and white tea. It has a slight melon note and is touched with lemongrass. It's very easy to sip, and has become an office favorite!

Our Adventurers (more premium boxes) will receive a very unique green tea, but I won't spoil it. You'll have to read below!

We're happy to do a pre-shipment Tea Replacement on any teas that have allergen-related concerns, or even something you know you won't love. Keep in mind that our service is all about tea discovery, so if you're on the fence about a tea, give it a try first. We're happy to send you a replacement in next month's box. 

Each Field to Cup box gives you a different way to explore new teas.

If you enjoy teas that are orthodox, and un-blended, you'll enjoy our Adventurer. We still send two seasonal teas,  so you get a taste of the season. 

Our Discoverer gives you more of a tea type you love, and four other teas to enjoy throughout the month.

 If you enjoy just a taste of tea, or maybe like exploring new teas periodically, you'll enjoy the Explorer. It's just enough tea to try something new, but not too much to overwhelm you.


2 premium teas, 2 teas that vary. 80g. 2 cups/day

September Box Retail Value:  $42.55

Discoverer Black

40g pouch of Black tea, 4 teas that vary. 120g. 2-3 cups/day

September Box Retail Value:  $50.01

Discoverer Low Caffeine

40g pouch of no/low caffeine tea, 4 teas that vary. 120g. 2-3 cups/day

September Box Retail Value:  $49.97

Explorer Black

2 black teas, 2 teas that vary. 40g. 1 cup/day. 

September Box Retail Value: $15.24

Explorer Low Caffeine

2 no/low caffeine teas, 2 teas that vary. 40g. 1 cup/day.

September Box Retail Value:  $17.37

More about each of the teas

Premium Green Tea Organic Wuyi Bliss

type: Organic Green Tea

from: China,  grown in the hills of Wuyi Mountains, in Fujian Province. 

why we chose it:

This tea has a strong seaweed nose, a delicate toasty taste, with a great, almost creamy mouthfeel. Grown in the highlands of the Wuyi Mountains at 2,000 ft. elevation, it boasts a nice long finish. The initial steep has a balanced, savory and sweet finish. The following two resteeps are less buttery, but still maintain the integrity of the flavors.

Included in the Adventurer.

Premium White Tea Organic Bergamot Vanilla

type: Organic White Tea

from: China,  Fujian Province.

why we chose it:

Bai Mu Dan, or White Peony, is a slightly more fruity White tea, more so than Silver Needle, but not as strong of a flavor as Shou Mei. It has just enough depth to pair beautifully with vanilla, bergamot, and jasmine blossoms found in this blend. We recommend using our teapot method for this tea, as it will bring out more depth of flavor, and keep the delicate floral oils from escaping during steeping. Be sure to also follow temperature instructions for this tea, as you could easily singe it!

Included in the Adventurer.

Fruit Tea Roasted Almond

type: blended fruit tea

why we chose it:

It smells of apples and cinnamon, with a nice nuttiness from the almonds. As you drink this tea, the sweet apple and nuttiness builds, and really doesn't need anything added to make it shine. This tea reminds us of fall, baking apple pies. It's deep berry color from the beetroot develops over the 9 minute steeping time, making it truly appreciated once ready.

Included in all boxes.

Black Tea Essentially Summer

type: blended black tea

why we chose it:

This tea screams summer, and if you want something that tastes fantastic hot or cold, depending on the weather this month, it's just right. It's a smooth black tea, with a great mouthfeel, and a punchy fruity finish. Mango, peach, orange zest, orange blossom... somehow it all comes together in one sip.  

Included in Adventurer, Discoverer Black, Explorer Black.

Black Tea Smooth Operator

type: variety of teas blended together

why we chose it:

This unique tea brings together three different tea types: green, white, and dark tea. Dark tea is not to be confused with a typical black tea. Although the name of this tea is "Black", to make it simpler we stuck to a traditional name. Dark tea is a partially fermented black tea (not made in Yunnan, where all Pu'erhs come from). It's lighter, and less pungent than traditional pu'erh.  Flavor-wise, this is a light and smooth blend, with sweet melon throughout the sip. 

Included in Discoverer Black, Explorer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine, Explorer Low Caffeine.

Black Tea Dark Berries

type: blended pu'erh tea

why we chose it:

This is the perfect tea as an introduction to pu'erh teas. Pu'erh is only produced in southern Yunnan Province in China.  Large tea leaves are used to make this type of tea, as opposed to smaller leaf types used for other teas coming from China. It goes through microbial fermentation, where other types of tea do not.  This is a loose variety of pu'erh, where other types are pressed into discs or ball shapes. If you've never had a pu'erh before, expect an earthy aroma, and a smooth finish. You'll enjoy the contrast of sweet fruit (think raspberry, blueberry and strawberry) with darker, deeper notes.

Included in Discoverer Black, Explorer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine.

White Tea Peach Perfection

type: blended white tea

why we chose it:

This tea also features a bai mu dan, or White Peony base. This is an earthy white blend, lightly kissed by peaches. It's a truly simple, yet delightful tea to enjoy hot or over ice. Be sure to follow temperature instructions for this tea, as you could easily singe it!

Included in Discoverer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine, Explorer Low Caffeine.

Wellness Tea Hibiscus Grapefruit

type: blended wellness/fruit tea

why we chose it:

We love the fruity citrus backbone of this tea, and the visually stunning beetroot-pink color. This tea starts and ends with punchy grapefruit and blends with sweet apple, tangy tangerine, and grassy eucalyptus notes. You'll also enjoy the stomach-soothing properties of lemongrass. 

Included in Discoverer Low Caffeine, Explorer Low Caffeine.

Share your Thoughts, and ask questions!

We'd love to hear more about how you made your teas, or if you have questions for our tea drinking community! 

Don't be shy, we're all here to learn from each other.