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October 18 Box Reveal

Hi tea drinking fam!

When we planned this month's boxes out, it was still the middle of summer. Down here in Florida, it's especially warm, all the way into October. To get us in the mood, we cranked up the AC, put on the jazz music channel, and steeped up our fall selections for your box this month. We think our methods worked, we know you're going to love what we have in store!

We've come across some new fall favorites we can't wait to share with you.  Black Tea Caramel Popcorn perfectly captures that moment when you open up a fresh tin of sweet popcorn, and can't wait to savor and enjoy every crunchy, sweet bite! This version excludes those pesky corn kernels that always get stuck in your teeth.  Black Tea Roasted Chestnut continues to be one of our favorites for warming up on a cold day. This tea conjures roasted chestnuts, fresh out of the oven. Sweet chestnut and almond flavors are layered over toasted maté, black and toasted green teas that lend an interesting depth to every sip. 

Almost all of our boxes (except for the low caffeine options) will receive a very special tea coming all the way from Tanzania! We were blown away by the almost caramel-like mouthfeel of this tea, and it's raisin-like fruity notes and subtly malty finish. Keep an eye on your water temperature so you don't flatten the dimensions in this one. Check it out below.

Every one of our boxes gets a special little sample of our siptastic Black Tea Pumpkin Spice Chai. We award "siptastic" to any tea that we feel perfectly captures a mood or a time of year. Our PSC is the perfect fresh blend of spices, with a kiss of vanilla. 

We're excited for you try all of the teas this month, be sure to comment below how you made them and if you had any questions about tea prep, or anything else!

P.S. We're happy to do a pre-shipment Tea Replacement on any teas that have allergen-related concerns, or even something you know you won't love. Keep in mind that our service is all about tea discovery, so if you're on the fence about a tea, give it a try first. We're happy to send you a replacement in next month's box. Just reach out to us here.

Each Field to Cup box gives you a different way to explore new teas.

If you enjoy teas that are orthodox, and un-blended, you'll enjoy our Adventurer. We still send two seasonal teas,  so you get a taste of the season. 

Our Discoverer gives you more of a tea type you love, and four other teas to enjoy throughout the month.

 If you enjoy just a taste of tea, or maybe like exploring new teas periodically, you'll enjoy the Explorer. It's just enough tea to try something new, but not too much to overwhelm you.


2 premium teas, 2 teas that vary. 80g. 2 cups/day  

October Box Retail Value:  $83.92 

Discoverer Black

40g pouch of Black tea, 4 teas that vary. 120g. 2-3 cups/day

October Box Retail Value:  $44.17

Discoverer Low Caffeine

40g pouch of no/low caffeine tea, 4 teas that vary. 120g. 2-3 cups/day

October Box Retail Value:  $42.94

Explorer Black

2 black teas, 2 teas that vary. 40g. 1 cup/day. 

October Box Retail Value: $21.17

Explorer Low Caffeine

2 no/low caffeine teas, 2 teas that vary. 40g. 1 cup/day.

October Box Retail Value:  $22.41

More about each of the teas

Premium Black Tea Smoked First Flush

Premium Black Tea Smoked First Flush

type: Black Tea

from: India,  grown on a micro tea lot in Darjeeling.

why we chose it:

Coming from a micro-tea garden in Darjeeling, this entirely handmade, bio-organically grown tea is one to behold. This First Flush tea is made of only the first buds in the Spring harvest. The slight smokiness observed in the aroma and flavor comes from a unique smoking process using pine oak. You'll appreciate this Darjeeling for it's unique qualities; little to no dryness, rounded moist mouthfeel, and beautiful lingering flavor. Floral, slightly malty, and a bit of a dry spice, perhaps something like turmeric finish the sip.

Included in the Adventurer.

This video was produced for Open Atlas Trading Company, in partnership with Niroula's Organic Tea Farm. 

Premium Green Tea Bi Luo Chun Supreme

Premium Green Tea Bi Luo Chun Supreme

type: Green Tea

from: China,  Jiangsu Province.

why we chose it:

This Bi Luo Chun comes from Dongting island, surrounded by a Taihu Lake. The tea bushes are grown adjacent to fruit orchards, lending a sweet taste. This tea has a unique spirally shape. It's spiral, curly leaves are fixed at the time of processing using a hand rolling technique. This tea is so complex! Flavor-wise, it's toasty, sweet, and slightly floral. After the first sip, a predominant note of sweet corn shines bright, followed by sweet hay. It has a slight astringent finish similar to grilled endive. The astringency is typical, and not to be confused with oversteeping the tea.

Included in the Adventurer.

Wellness Tea First Response

type: blended Wellness Tea

why we chose it:

Use this tea as your first response to any signs of a cold. A healthy dose of echinacea can ward off colds, and reduce the length of time you're sick. Drink it as a preventative tea during the fall months. This tea's soothing taste is accented by peppermint and touch of fruit.

Included Explorer Black, Explorer Low Caffeine, Discoverer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine.

Herbal Tea Lemon Raspberry Swirl

type: blended Herbal tea

why we chose it:

This tea will bring layer upon layer of lemon notes to your palate, and then raspberry takes the lead. Lemon Verbena, lemongrass, and lemon peel all work harmoniously to make this blend satisfying and bright. It has an almost creamy mouthfeel, with a sweet aftertaste.

Included in  Explorer Low Caffeine, Discoverer Low Caffeine, Discoverer Black, Adventurer.

Black Tea Roasted Chestnut

type: blended Black tea

why we chose it:

Warm and inviting toastiness awaits with every sip of this tea. It evokes sitting in front of a toasty fire on a cold day. Roasted black tea, maté, and green tea create a very balanced cup, with just a touch of sweet chestnut to elevate.

Included in Explorer Low Caffeine, Explorer Black, Discoverer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine.

Black Tea Organic Tanzanian Mountain

type: Black tea

from: Tanzania, Livingstonia Mountains.

why we chose it:

You don't want to miss the mouthfeel of this tea. A thick, caramel-like mouthfeel is instantly noticeable. The tea's liqour has raisin-like fruity notes, with a subtle malty after taste. It produces a sweet sensation in the throat at the end of the sip, and also a slightly astringent sensation on the tongue.

Included in Explorer Black, Discoverer Black, Adventurer.

Black Tea Caramel Popcorn

type: blended Black tea

why we chose it:

This tea brings to mind delicious and sweet popcorn drizzled with caramel. This tea has a nice rounded mouthfeel, accented by sweet caramel notes and popped toasty notes from the rice. It's both festive, and delightful.

Included in Explorer Black, Discoverer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine.

Green Tea Chai Orchard

type: blended Green tea

why we chose it:

Sweet cinnamon and light notes of apple make this the perfect green tea for Fall. To start there's a slight tang of tart apple with a clove aroma.The spice of cinnamon and ginger are very well balanced, and don't overpower the green tea. This tea has an almost savory finish. You can enjoy several resteeps of this tea.

Included in Discoverer Low Caffeine, Explorer Low Caffeine.

Plus.... an extra sample of:

Black Tea Pumpkin Spice Chai

type: blended Black tea

why we chose it:

If you've ever searched for the perfect blend of chai spices, this is it! Fresh and inviting cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg start, with a hint of vanilla on the finish. Enjoy this tea plain, or traditional with fresh hot milk and sugar.

Included in all boxes.

Share your Thoughts, and ask questions!

We'd love to hear more about how you made your teas, or if you have questions for our tea drinking community!