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May 19 Box Reveal

Hi tea drinking fam!

May's theme is all about keeping it simple. As we shed layers of clothes and old habits this month, we look forward to keeping life simple and straightforward. 

You'll notice that many of our teas are simpler, one or two note teas. This isn't by accident! We hope that by simplifying the flavors, we could put more focus on each ingredient, simultaneously making it easier on your palates. 

Also, all of our teas this month make great iced tea or cold brew. If you have any questions or need tips on getting the most out of your teas, feel free to email us or tweet us! 

P.S. Want to switch up a tea in your box? Hover over "Teas this Month" and click Request Replacement.

P.P.S. Want $5 off your next box? Click "Redeem" on the lower right of your screen for more details.

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