January 19 Box Reveal

Hi tea drinking fam! Happy 2019!! ūüéČ

This month is a showstopper! 

You're going to love all of the goodies we've packed into your boxes. But we won't ruin the surprise...see below!

Wishing you all the best in 2019, happiness, health, and lots of tea!

P.S. We're happy to do a pre-shipment Tea Replacement on any teas that have allergen-related concerns, or even something you know you won't love. Keep in mind that our service is all about tea discovery, so if you're on the fence about a tea, give it a try first. We're happy to send you a replacement in next month's box as well. Just reach out to us here.

Each Field to Cup box gives you a different way to explore new teas.

If you enjoy teas that are orthodox, and un-blended, you'll enjoy our Adventurer. We still send two seasonal teas,  so you get a taste of the season. 

Our Discoverer gives you more of a tea type you love, and four other teas to enjoy throughout the month.

 If you enjoy just a taste of tea, or maybe like exploring new teas periodically, you'll enjoy the Explorer. It's just enough tea to try something new, but not too much to overwhelm you.


Included this month is an extra tea, Premium Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum Bud!

2 premium teas, plus 2 seasonal teas. 80g. 2 cups/day  

January Box Retail Value:  $82.08

Discoverer Black

40g pouch of Black tea, 4 seasonal/staple teas. 120g. 2-3 cups/day

January Box Retail Value:   $47.44      

Discoverer Low Caffeine

40g pouch of no/low caffeine tea, 4 seasonal/staple teas. 120g. 2-3 cups/day

December Box Retail Value:  $35.48

Explorer Black

2 black teas, 2 seasonal/staple teas. 40g. 1 cup/day. 

January Box Retail Value: $20.23

Explorer Low Caffeine

2 no/low caffeine teas, 2 seasonal/staple teas. 40g. 1 cup/day.

January Box Retail Value:  $15.71

More about each of the teas

Premium Black Tea Imperial Shu 2009

Premium Black Tea Imperial Shu 2009

type: Pu'erh Tea

from: China, Yunnan Province.

why we chose it:

This tea is exceptionally smooth and should be treated as a fine wine, to be savored slowly or aged for more years. 

What struck us most about this tea is the care in production coming through in the steep. It's produced by a small family, a two-person, husband and wife team. Their family pitches in to pluck leaves, even their youngest family members help out. They carefully pick leaves from their tea trees, some are 100 years old. They hand-roll the tea leaves to get the enzymes working, and to start the process of fermentation. Then, the tea leaves are withered in the sun - a step that most larger tea factories cannot reproduce.  Wet tea leaves are then pressed into a traditional beeng cha cake shape, leaving an indentation in the center where the top knot is pressed into the cake. These cakes are then ready for aging and storing.

We found the taste to be incredibly rich with nuance, leather, earth, and a touch of chocolate. You'll find this sip to be smoother than most ripe pu'erhs out there.  

Included in the Adventurer. New Adventurer subscribers will receive a replacement for this tea, as we've already sold out!

Mr. Zhao hand-rolling the green tea leaves during production.

Premium White Tea Aged Bai Mu Dan

Premium White Tea Aged Bai Mu Dan

type: White tea

from: China, Fujian Province.

why we chose it:

We were totally blown away by the richness and succulent flavors of this tea. It has been carefully aged for 5 years to produce a tea with a softness to the flavors, and a thick richness to the mouthfeel. You won't taste anything like it anywhere else. 

The first steep produces a great mouthfeel, with hints of sweet hay and orange peel. The second steeping features more hay notes, and with the third steep orange blossom honey becomes the predominant note. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with re-steeping, we increased the time with the third steep to get more flavor out of the leaves. 

Included in the Adventurer.

Extra tea in the Premium boxes only:

Premium Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum Buds

Premium Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum Buds

type: flower buds

from: China, Anhui Province.

why we chose it:

These bright yellow Chrysanthemum buds are bursting with fresh flavor. Their flavor is unique, and can't be easily described. There's a spicy freshness that doesn't seem floral at all, and has earthy undertones. It's very clean and punchy.

We've paired it with this month's adventurer box, so you can experiment with blending your own classic Chrysanthemum Pu'erh! 

Sprinkle in some buds in the later steepings of the Imperial Shou 2009 to brighten up the cup, and give you more steeps from the later resteeps. 

These buds stand on their own too, and produce an invigorating, and delicious steep full of health benefits.

Included in the Adventurer. 

Premium Black Tea Malawi Grand Cru
Premium Black Tea Malawi Grand Cru

type: Black tea

from: Malawi, Africa

why we chose it: 

This tea is the result of very careful production, love, and an acute sense of terroir. We absolutely fell in love with both the story of this tea and where it comes from, as well as it's remarkable steep. 

On the Satemwa Tea Estate, they are pushing past the norms of traditional tea production in the area. They are at the forefront of sustainable farming practices, keeping the integrity of the land, and translating that to the teas they lovingly produce. They truly care for their workers, and it shows!

This tea is incredibly smooth, and has a very clean bright flavor. The wet steaming leaves give off a bright fruity note, almost raspberry-like. Honey, fruit, buckwheat and cacao are the predominant notes. 

You can enjoy several steeps of this tea. Since this tea has quite a bit of volume, we recommend approximating 3 teaspoons, even if they are overflowing around the edges. Give this tea some room, steeping it in close quarters won't allow the full flavors to be released into your steep!

Included in: Discoverer Black, Explorer Black, Adventurer.

Herbal Tea Mint Garden
Herbal Tea Mint Garden

type: herbal tea

why we chose it:

This somewhat simple looking tea has so much depth to it! It surprises with a deeper, herb-y mint sip. 

The eucalyptus and rosemary don't overpower, or fight with the mint note, but support it beautifully. 

Please note - this tea contains licorice root, which individuals with high blood pressure should not consume in large quantities. 

Included in Explorer Low Caffeine, Discoverer Low Caffeine.

Oolong Tea Ancient Vietnamese Reserve

Oolong Tea Ancient Vietnamese Reserve

type: Oolong tea

from: Vietnam, Ha Giang Province

why we chose it:

This tea's history is surprising, as much as it's flavor. 

Ha Giang province has a very long history (over 2,000 years) of tea production. Local mountain tribes still pick much of the wild-grown tea, and hold spiritual tea rituals for the ancient tea trees that produce this tea. 

The tea produce from these wild trees is wiry in appearance, and has serious depth of flavor. Honey notes and a smooth toasty finish make this easy to sip on a daily basis. 

We recommend the teapot method, allowing these wiry leaves lots of room to infuse your water. 

Included in Explorer Black, Discoverer Black, Discoverer Low Caffeine, Adventurer. 

Wild tea tree, Ha Giang Province.

Fruit Tea Super Antioxidant Berries

Fruit Tea Super Antioxidant Berries

type: blended Fruit tea  

why we chose it:

This has long been a favorite of ours, and we continue to enjoy it's deep dark fruity notes. 

Elderberry has long been touted for it's cold fighting abilities. Although it's powerful, it adds a punchy tart note to this sip, along with currants rose hips and hibiscus. 

If you want to wake up your tastebuds, you'll enjoy this tea!

Included in Explorer Low Caffeine, Discoverer Low Caffeine. 

Black Tea Espresso Shot
Black Tea Espresso Shot

type: blended Pu'erh tea 

why we chose it:

Who doesn't love a good shot of espresso now and again? We thought we'd challenge your concept of what tea can be. 

This bold dark sip features deep coffee notes with a creamy note on the finish. 

You'll enjoy this tea with a hit of sweetener to bring out the caramel flavors. 

Included in Explorer Black, Discoverer Black.

Rooibos Tea Gingerbread House

Rooibos Tea Gingerbread House

type: blended Rooibos tea 

why we chose it:

Gingerbread houses are the fun and whimsical decoration we enjoy around the holidays. We'll usually keep ours around long after New Years.

Like gingerbread cookies, this tea has no actual ginger in the blend, but evokes the taste of our favorite holiday cookie. 

Rich sweet rooibos pairs perfectly with almonds and pistachios, with notes of spicy peppercorns in the background, and a hint of orange on the finish. 

Included in Discoverer Low Caffeine, Explorer Low Caffeine.

Green Tea Houjini

Green Tea Houjini

type: roasted Green tea

why we chose it:

Houjini has long been a favorite of ours, somehow this green tea defies all logic, with it's toasty rich notes. 

You'll notice right away, this doesn't look like a typical Green tea. Traditionally known as Houjicha, this tea is made from the tea leaves just under the top leaves of the tea plant, closer to the stalk (also known as bancha). Houjicha goes through the same Japanese process of first steaming the leaves after picking (this stops oxidation), however the extra step of roasting is what makes this tea so special!

The leaves are roasted at high heat after being rolled and dried, imparting a smoky and toasty flavor on the leaves, and also lowering the caffeine content. 

We think you'll love this for it's toasty, warming and nutty notes! Experiment with steeping this tea for less than 2 min, and more infusions if you enjoy a lighter cup.

Included in Explorer Low Caffeine, Discoverer Low Caffeine.

Black Tea Ginger Bark

Black Tea Pistachio Marzipan

type: blended Black tea

why we chose it:

The aroma and flavor of this tea match perfectly. Nutty pistachio and sweet marzipan drops complement each other, making this one smooth and delicious sip. 

This is definitely a customer favorite!

The black tea is on the milder side, so we could enjoy this in the later afternoon without too much caffeine. 

Included in Explorer Black, Discoverer Black.

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