April 19 Field to Cup Box Reveal

Hi tea drinking fam!

April Showers bring May Flowers, but we have a feeling we'll be seeing more flowers towards the end of April. 

We have some light themes throughout this month's boxes. In honor of Cherry Blossom season, we've included our favorite Sakura-inspired tea, Green Tea Organic Cherry Rosebush in our Low Caffeine boxes. It's juicy sweet, with a touch of rose. 

Also, two of our Premium teas in the Adventurer box are interesting twists on their specific cultivars. We have a White tea from a cultivar that's typically used for Oolong teas, lending itself to a very long lasting flavor with more depth than you'd expect. It's exceptional in flavor, and very rare!

Our Premium Black tea is from a cultivar typically used for White teas (Bai Hao), but is fully oxidized. It has a lighter flavor than you'd expect from a similar Dian Hong Jin Ya. 

Our Black boxes feature two black teas from China, and two from India. We also included a fabulous chai that's more cardamom-forward with just a touch of saffron. 

All of our teas this month can be enjoyed over ice, or cold brewed (just check the instructions on your Steeping Guide) when you find yourself with a bright and sunny day ahead of you.

P.S. Want to switch up a tea in your box? Hover over "Teas this Month" and click Request Replacement.

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