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Black Tea Golden Jin Luo

Our Black Tea Golden Jin Luo is a medium-bodied black tea with notes of malt and cacao

Tea/Origin: Dian Hong Jin Luo (Golden Snail) | China (Guangxi Province)

nut, gluten and dairy free

Caffeine level: ●●●

This tea is known for it's chocolate and molasses notes, with a characteristic malt finish. Tea buds are hand-rolled into little coils, resulting in a snail-like shape. It's also known as Golden Snail.

How to Prepare:

Mug (8oz water):1.5 level tsp • 205º • Steep for 4 min.

Teapot: (8oz water): 2 level tsp • 205º • Steep for 3 min. *Recommended Method

Resteep: 2 time for 4 min.

Add: nothing, or a touch of sweetener

Covered teapots retain more heat, therefore the Teapot method requires less time for steeping.

Add more tea to your taste to make the tea richer or stronger, rather than leaving the tea to steep longer than directed.

Great as Iced Tea!

No Artificial Flavors.
No tea dust.
High quality ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This tea is easy to love. Full bodied liquor. Malt & cacao notes in the dry leaf. Faintly floral in every steep. Nicely complex, dark body but bright sweetness. Lots to give, flavor just kept developing across several steeps. Not bitter or astringent even if pushed/oversteeped a little.

Mild & Unique

I really enjoyed this black tea, as it didn't get too bitter or strong within the steeping time like most black teas. The cocoa and maltiness add a pleasurable twist making this tea really enjoyable both on its own or with added dairy. It's now my favorite black tea!

New favorite!

This tea is amazing! It's definitely my new go to tea!

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