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Premium Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum Buds

Our Premium Herbal Tea Chrysanthemum Buds is a fresh flower bud with bright spicy notes

Tea/Origin: Chrysanthemum flowers | China (Anhui Province)

nut, gluten and dairy free

Caffeine level: ○○○

These bright yellow Chrysanthemum buds are bursting with fresh flavor. Their flavor is unique, and can't be easily described. There's a spicy freshness that doesn't seem floral at all, and has earthy undertones. It's very clean and punchy.

We've paired it with this month's adventurer box, so you can experiment with blending your own classic Chrysanthemum Pu'erh!

Sprinkle in some buds in the later steepings of the Imperial Shou 2009 to brighten up the cup, and give you more steeps from the later resteeps.

These buds stand on their own too, and produce an invigorating, and delicious steep full of health benefits.

How to Prepare:

Mug (8oz water): 6 level tsp • 205º • Steep for 4 min.

Teapot: (8oz water): 6 level tsp • 205º • Steep for 4 min. *Recommended Method

Resteep: 1 time for 4 min.

Add: nothing

Covered teapots retain more heat, therefore the Teapot method requires less time for steeping. 

Add more tea to your taste to make the tea richer or stronger, rather than leaving the tea to steep longer than directed. 

Great as Iced Tea!

No Artificial Flavors.
No tea dust.
High quality ingredients.

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