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Our Wellness teas support you, and keep you feeling great!
Sleep better, ward off colds, have more energy, or detox daily. 

PROTECT: Wellness Tea First Response

echinacea: fights colds + reduces symptoms

red clover: fights respiratory infections

elderberry: boosts immune system

DETOX: Wellness Tea Get Fit

green maté: reduces appetite + boosts metabolism

ginger: reduces appetite

rosehip peel: anti-inflammatory + aids digestion

ENERGY: Wellness Tea Focused Energy

ginseng: supports mental focus + boosts energy

licorice root: helps to regulate cortisol (stress hormone)

SLEEP: Wellness Tea Good Night

valerian root: calms anxiety

mugwort: relieves insomnia

passionflower: improves sleep

Our Samadoyo All in One Mug is great for steeping teas at your desk or at home, although it's not part of this limited sale, we think it's great for these Wellness teas!