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It's Tea Time in London.

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Tea culture in London is amazing! 

This week we got back from a whirlwind trip to London. Everywhere you go in London, there are hints of tea culture, both from the past and present. 


London is still learning about matcha, and how amazing it can be. This store is dedicated to matcha and accessories.


Tea Shops are hidden in little passageways. Feels a bit like Diagon Alley, don't you think?


Here's another one. Cute right?


We found the coolest tea accessories at this shop. 

This is a hand carved wooden spoon from Japan. The spoon handle is slightly curved down to follow the natural grain of the wood. 


This is a special bamboo whisk made for frothing matcha. It's called a Chasen.


The look of these handmade ceramic tea cups is amazing. They are all one of a kind, and unique!


We stayed to taste a first flush Darjeeling tea. 😍

This Spring Darjeeling knocked our socks off! It was so delicate, almost like a white tea, with soft fruity tropical notes. 


Next stop. The Rose Lounge. 

This place was top to bottom roses. This tea parlour even smelled like roses. I wonder why.


Why is this room so fabulous??? Can we live here???


Yes, they're real. 


We stopped for some "refreshments" later on. Tea is everywhere on this craft cocktail menu!


Best thing after a night out is a smiling face on your spoon.

This matcha latte was addictive to say the least. 


We stopped at Spitalfields Market,a beautiful open air market known for vintage finds and small food carts.


This tea tin at Duty Free says it all. London was definitely built on tea! 


We couldn't resist sharing this picture of the iconic Big Ben. So gorgeous at night. 

Thanks for making it this far, and sharing in the highlights of our London trip.

If you have any questions about drinking tea in London, or if you plan on visiting definitely reach out to us for tips! We'd be happy to answer any questions :)


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