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Sneak Peek: December's Box

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Sneak Peek into December's box

So I can't exactly reveal everything we have in store, because that would ruin all of the fun of our Discovery premise. I know, you were probably expecting all of the details, but I do have some teasers for you below.

Every month, we send 7 new and delicious loose leaf teas to your door (or office) that we hope delight and surprise you!

Our selection process is really rigorous. We look at each individual tea, what it brings to the table (or cup, in this case). Secondly, we look at that tea as part of our monthly box selection. Does it fit in? Does it highlight something interesting and unexpected about a particular type of tea? Is it seasonally appropriate? There are so many considerations for the teas you find in our boxes every month. 

That being said, I would like to reveal just a little bit about our December box. First of all, I'm very excited about the new and interesting teas we have in store. Each one of them is going to expand your tea journey, hopefully some of them push you out of your comfort zone (we all have them with tea, my comfort zone is straight green tea). 

Here's some hints:

A unique and unconventional trip to a spice market. (a green tea)

Breathe easier with lower stress levels. (a wellness tea)

Wake up to a crazily smooth wave of pure bliss. (a black tea)

Find your way through a deep dark forest of spices. (a chai tea)

Float away in a bright and creamy indulgent dream. (a rooibos tea)

A spicy, rich, and playful stop in flavor town. (a black tea)

A cheerful and sprightly visit to the north pole. ( a black/herbal blend)

Expect to find delicious holiday flavors from all over the world in this month's box! As a subscriber, you'll also receive extra tea samples with this month's box. It's a great thing to get a gift for yourself!

We will do a full reveal a few days before December 1st, promise. There's a little bit of everything coming next month, and as always if you don't love something contact us to replace it with a Customer Favorite, free of charge! (That's a little thank you from us for your faith in our selections every month).

Your gifting just got a little bit better. Being a tea discovery subscriber gets you an extra 15% off all holiday gifts! 

You can see previous boxes here.

Here are all of our subscription options!

A great place to start: Tea Discovery Box

Excellent value, an extra 20+ cups every month: Tea Discovery Plus

More rare and unique teas (8 teas, plus 50% off teas every month): Premium Tea Discovery

Gift Subscriptions for 3,6, and 12 months for that tea lover.

 Want more? We'll notify you of the full December reveal.

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