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Advanced Tips: How to make sure our emails reach you

We want to make sure our emails reach your inbox, and you're able to enjoy our specially tailored content, offers, and invitations to sales. 

Here's what you need to do to get started!

STEP 1: 

Whitelist and prioritize all emails from Field to Cup and Haim( and

This is important! Not only will you receive updates about new articles on the blog, you’ll also receive notifications about new videos, podcasts, and other exciting content from the tea world.

But if our emails aren't getting through to you, you will miss these important updates and you won't receive the full benefit of being a Field to Cup subscriber. 

So please take the following simple actions to make sure nothing slips through the cracks: 

1) Follow the whitelisting instructions for your email provider at this page: 

2) If you are a Gmail user or you use any other web-based email that filters broadcasts away from your main inbox, be sure to "drag" any emails from Field to Cup or Haim at Field to Cup into your Priority Inbox. (Again, you don't want to miss something.) 

3) Create a special “Field to Cup” folder where you can archive emails from Haim as well as Shirley AFTER you have read them. This is important…DO NOT setup filters to automatically direct our emails into these folders, or again, you are likely to miss something. Simply move them manually to the folder after you've read the email.


Take two seconds and join the Field to Cup Facebook page, as this will be our primary method of communication outside of email updates, and again you won't want to miss a thing: 

Also join us here:


That's it! 

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