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A Fresh Start

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We've turned over a new leaf, or picked a fresh bud. Depending on what metaphor you enjoy :) 


Much of what we do is finding the freshest and best teas from all over the world. It's an endless search for inspiring and amazing loose leaf teas. We're on a similar path of tea discovery, as our subscribers are.

In the past few months, we've rethought what's important to our tea drinking subscribers, and refocused our efforts on bringing as much value to our service.

a fresh startIt's just not enough to find amazing teas anymore. We have to give more of ourselves, raise the bar to a new level, where we create a really unique experience for our subscribers at home. One where loose leaf tea drinking is easier, inspiring, exciting, educational, and heart-warming.

We are truly passionate about making loose leaf tea simple and exciting to try at home. In that light, we’ve revamped our subscriptions and our website.


We’ve included a Steeping Guide in each of our boxes with very detailed information about how to make our teas hot and cold, in both a mug and teapot. Even the best tea can taste horrible if not prepared properly. We know, it happens to us a lot! Our guide makes enjoying loose leaf tea a little more stress-free.


You’re now able to choose subscriptions based on your tea preferences, and also how much tea you enjoy. Whether you’re just getting into loose leaf tea, or you’re a tea aficionado, you’ll find something just right for you.


We’ve expanded free Tea Replacements to all of our subscriptions, so even if you don’t love something in your box, we’ll happily replace it for you.


We've begun planning even more useful content that will make your tea journey an exciting and simple one! 


Your thoughts and ideas are crucial to us, we trust in and depend on our tea drinking community to help shape our service, and make it better! We hope you'll leave us a comment with feedback below on our new offerings, and also suggestions on what would truly help you make better tea at home! 


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts <3





Happy Sipping, 
Haim & Shirley 
(sibling co-founders)



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